When I view one of her pieces I am taken aback – similar to the way a great jazz tune moves beyond category and registers in your spiritual subconscious.”
—Samuel W. Black, Curator of African American Collections at the Senator John Heinz History Center

Tina Williams Brewer is an internationally renowned fiber artist known for her artistic exploration of African American history and culture. She uses layered textiles, images and embellishments to create story quilts rich with symbolism and is motivated by issues focusing on family, women, and spirituality.

Brewer is a teaching artist working predominantly with young people in urban communities. She is an “elder” in the African American community of Pittsburgh, and takes great pride in mentoring young people to empower them to communicate about their life and culture through the arts.

Brewer’s art has been recognized by the American Arts in Embassy Program for more than 20 years and she has consistently been at the forefront of artists recognized by Pennsylvania’s Governors. She is the recipient of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Governor’s Awards for the Arts, Artist of the Year, 2018. Her work is represented in the permanent collection of The State Museum of Pennsylvania, the African American Museum in Dallas, and other collections throughout the country.